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If you have eagerness to know that how to perform forensic analysis of emails then, you must read out this section completely. I am working as professor in a university and I was stuck in the situation where someone cheated me via extracting my email's details. Actually it was about my father named as Alfred who was premium member of a saving policy and when he died the policy became mine as I was the nominee. One day I got an envelope from the bank that you have requested for address change and this is to inform you that bank is doing the same. I was shocked because, my father left the body before 20 years and if he had not sent any request for address change then, who did it. Here our tool has played the role of best email forensic software; see how it helped me for cyber crime investigation.

Know How I Find The IP With Which Bank Got Request For Address Change?

When I came to know someone else did it then, I decided to find the person via performing forensic email investigation with a brilliant email analysis tool. I got email file examiner for examining forensic email header as I was technically sound and aware about the fact that email header includes the IP from where email send by culprit.

Followed Some Clicks – Got the Exact IP Address

The first step with this best email forensic software is email search where users are free to find email by any keyword.

The second facility with this email examination tool is preview of emails, different options including forensic email header preview

Facility to export examined emails into PDF, EML, HTML, or MSG format, I have taken evidences into PDF format

Convert Email into HTML

Another aspect that you must know is email support for 10 file formats like OST, PST, MBOX, MBX, and many more

forensic email header

With simple steps, I collected exact IP through which bank collected emails in which request for address change availed.

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If you are also facing such irritating situation then, you must acquire our best email forensic software that is not added with typical commands. Instant email search, proper email investigation, and extraction of evidences, these are the simple commands those you will have to follow for forensic email investigation while using our MailXaminer (Forensic Data Analysis) tool.

Testimonials of the Email Forensics Software:

Thanks to Mailxaminer that helped my team to reach the root cause of a case which required investigation of data from multiple file formats. It made our task easier and relieved us from the pressure. Various advance features of the tool had had made it the first choice of the experts.

- Hubert Williamson, Canada

My team is greatly influenced by Skin Tone Analysis feature of Mailxaminer. It helped my team a lot to investigate images attached with the mails and raise a voice against pornography that has spread like forest fire. Thanks a lot for developing such powerful tool.

- Sadie Harris, Denmark